Friday, March 6, 2009

Small Scale Businesses You Can Start Up With Little Or No Capital

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Am Sam Odusolu, popularly known as OLUSAM. Am an information Marketer and the C.E.O of Best Infoware Connections Int’l. 

Below are some small scale businesses you can do as a Student, Unemployed or business tycoon. These businesses are of little or no capital and are selling fast in Nigeria. Do not say ‘there is nothing to do’.

Wholesale business entails buying in bulk and reselling to retailers in smaller quantities. You can make a lot of money from this type of business if you can negotiate very fine. Retailers want to make profits even at the smallest possible unit. If retailers get a better deal for the commodities they deal on they are always ready to switch over to that offer. If you can look for some commodities which people are inevitably consuming everyday i.e. pen, pencil, edibles, books etc, negotiate for a better discount from the manufactures, and transfer the discount to the retailers at your reach, so that you offset that of their regular suppliers and by so doing you have some retailers attached to you. Study some ld super markets as well as those about to start up, take note of what they sale, and select the commodities you would love to specialize in supplying to them and research on how you can offer the cheapest. If you offer to supply a saleable product to a super market at a cheaper cost, they will ask you to supply to them. Wall - Mart stores became one of the greatest retailers in the world because of the policy of its founder (Sam Walton); ‘whatever you buy from wall - mart store, you will not get it cheaper anywhere in the world.
If you take a study around the cities you will observe how much people gasp for good fresh fruits. This is often noticeable in the areas of the social class where these people have no time to visit the big and congested general commodity market to find fresh fruits. However, in the country side - towards the northern area, you can always find these fruits in surplus and at a cheaper rate. Even the freshest once sale at an amazing cheaper rate. You can negotiate with the super markets located in the “rich men areas” to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to them.
People like it when services are or household consumable items are brought to their doorstep. As mentioned above, you can specialize in selling various fresh fruits by supplying them to people at their homes. You need to design a beautiful catalogue of these fruits where there pictures are clearly shown and cost per quantity also stipulated. You must make your pricing very comfortable for you and also attractive to others. Try and go into the home of the rich and the near rich who can pay you some good money. You can get there attention if you can negotiate with any super market where these people go to shop, drop your catalogue with them so that they can distribute it to the shoppers. If you can advertise this in the dailies, that will be the best and fast publicity. You will be called b those who are interested, look very attractive their calls. Remember; have in mind to offer the best services.
This is a business which requires little or no capital. It could be fun as well as a task. To be an internet researcher you need to have a collection of all the search engines i.e.,,,, etc. they will be resourceful for a variety of information for your client. The next thing to do will be to get people and business outlets that you can do some internet research for. A lot of people and some businesses may not have enough time and head knowledge on how to go about finding what they need from the internet. You can meet these groups of people and organizations to offer such services.
Same process for the above listed can be applied to cake making and baking teaching. Print hand bill and drop on packed cars, super markets and eateries, putting contact information in them.
The inability of the Nigerian power holding company to produce sufficient power supply can be used at an advantage. Sometimes someone might be ready to go out for a special occasion but suddenly discovers that there is no electric power to iron the cloth. Sometimes some communities may not have time for a given number of times.
Having a place where people can just go to and get there clothes ironed might pay off. All you need to have is a generator and some pressing iron fixed to some special tables for dress pressing. People can just come in and do it themselves for a token; let’s say 10 naira per cloth.
Globally, the increasing need to have a computer operating skill cannot be over emphasized. If you have a certificate or diploma in a relevant field in computer studies, you can become a private tutor to various people who wants to learn. These could be elderly people who are too busy to visit the computer training school, or those who want their kids taught on how to use the computer. Those you will teach may need to have a system. If you have yours you can as well make use of it. Refer to the ways you can publicize yourself below.
Everyday life constitutes a lot of ceremonies; these ceremonies come in different shapes and classes. You do not need to have a huge amount of money before you can start a rental business. People who have to party for about a day or more would not have to buy all they require but procure them for a short term use. The beautiful thing about rental business is that you can start with just one item that is relevant and unavoidably necessary for use in every party. These could be plates (plastics and metals), spoons, cups, chairs, and other special items.
If you can put one or some of these together, you can introduce yourself to people or to party planners, event managers and corporate organizations. As you are patronized, you can keep improving and enlarging your business.
A lot people see party panning as a business for the ‘high’ and ‘connected’ but that may be absolutely wrong. If you are strong, energetic and creative and enjoy social interactions or organizing social gathering, then you are well fit to be a party planner. As a party planner your duty has to do with venue decoration, identifying the right food and beverages and dress code. You will have to work directly with the host(s) to make sure that you are working out their innermost desires and to see that their guest have the best of time at the party.
Furthermore, you are to make sure that the MC and other officiators conform to the time allotted to them. You must put your ability into the best use so that you maximize the satisfaction derivable from the budget of the party host.
Magazine business is a booming one in today’s Nigeria. We now have varieties of interest magazines. These vary from business and professional magazines to general interest magazine. Currently we have well over 30 different magazine publishers. A lot of people do not have knowledge of all but just a few; even though they would have loved to read them if they could lay their hands on them. These magazines come at a very affordable rate. What you will d will be to compile these various magazines and take your catalogue to (list of compiled magazines) offices and homes to supply to them on a monthly bases. They may have to pay you an upfront subscription of about six months or more. By this you will supply to them on each month.
The constant growth of the Nigerian movie industry (nollywood) can be of economic importance and value to a lot of people if they are able to grab the opportunities therein. So many English and Yoruba local films are being released weekly in Nigeria. No one will be able will buy all these films for keeps, furthermore, many office workers will hardly have time to go and rent films to watch at home.
You can take these films to them in their offices, they rent from, and you enter their names in your register, and then come back the next day to collect you VCD. You can rent from the video club outlets and re-rent to your customers to start with. If you save some money you can then buy directly form the marketers. However if you can start with buying directly from Idumota, that will pay you off.
Business minded people could tap from this idea. If you visit the local markets in towns and cities, you will always come across large bowls of cereals (e.g. rice, beans, Soya beans, corn, and e.t.c.) that are heaped and left opened.
To observe a bit further, notes that there are various kinds and classes of people who come to buy these foods stuffs. We the very local people who really do not mind the way these stuffs are exposed; the students, the elite and there likes who would have preferred a more descent method of packaging for the goods they buy. What opportunity lie in-between the gap between these groups of people - that is packaging.
Take beans for instance, if you use some amount of money to buy a certain quantity i.e. a bag, knowing that some people feel lazy to remove chaffs from it you pick the beans and repackage in a sealed nylon or bag and label as “sealed beans”. Students and many others will prefer that to the previous if you just put a little money on top.
If you brand your packaged cereals and could not afford a shop, negotiate with existing retail out fits (who do not deal on that) to sell it for you and you pay them some percentage.
You must have read something like this in the previous nuggets. However, this is different and will require more start-up capital than that.
You can meet potential customers in the offices of some well-paid establishments. Design beautiful handbills and drop it at their lobby (after necessary negotiations), or find another way to reach them. Have a menu of various delicacies and their prices. Make the prices attractive so that some will call you.
To make your food package of a good standard, you can note that food will be supplied to them from some major restaurants and they will have the opportunity of tasting variety of meals and from different popular restaurateurs. To formalize you business you might have to communicate with the authorities of the outfits that you wish to supply to their staff. Furthermore, it may be relevant to discuss with the restaurants.
Why we are listing this 49th nugget of business ideas is that so many people think less of this opportunity. If you have an adequate training on how to design a web site, you must believe that you can and surely will rake in lots of income with it.
Many organizations will buy your service if you can make them know how they can profit from it. So many of them neglect it because they think they are ok with the way they are going about their businesses not knowing that they could be missing so much opportunities.
What you will do is to study the nature of their businesses and carefully and comprehensively write down how a web site will impact positively on their dealings. With this, write a proposal to develop a web site for them and add to it your written explanation on the usefulness of a web site for their establishment.
Note that you must write what will be convincing before they will call you. State your prices and follow it up. Do not wait to be called.
Take advantage of the growing number of magazines and newspapers being published in Nigeria today. If you are a student, a worker, or an unemployed, you can think of an important topic that you think will be irresistible, write in it and submit it to an editor. You must keep writing and submitting and not giving up if your write up was not accepted at first. You must be passionate about what you write.
You can also do some write ups on topics that of global and continental interest and submit to foreign based magazines or dallies. If yours is chosen that is money for you.
Today we have a teaming number of traveling agencies. It will be a difficult task to ask someone with little amount of money to start up an international travel agency. However, on the other side we have a lucrative market for that in this country.
Not much is required of you to buy local airline ticket and/or get a hotel reservation for a local traveler (one traveling within the country) - that is just the scope of the business. You can meet potential customers by applying and working hard to do such jobs for some companies.
Have a standard chart where one can see and have adequate information on collated charges of various airline ticket costs and hotels and their bills. Private people can call you to do this job for them and if they enjoy your services they will call you again. If you get correct information on their travel plan, select some best options for them and present a couple of options for them.
Try and make your service known to individuals and corporate bodies. Charge a very moderate commission. Aim at giving the best possible service.

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